Otler Shower panel

Тропический душ с радужной подсветкой Otler Pearl. 7 цветов.
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   Otler shower panel makes it easy and elegantly combine in one hand and a tropical indoor shower

  •    Shower panel is mounted on the wall and using a flexible liner is connected to the water supply;
  •    The mirror surface racks are not only beautifies the space requirements , but is of practical value : is an additional mirror and visually enhances the space;
  •    The panel is compatible with all models of overhead showers Otler, mixers and hand showers Otler ...

+ the cost of the chosen model overhead shower

Materialchrome-plated steel, glass
Color: Chrome
Dimensions sm: 178x28x7
Weight: 20 kg
Made in Italy


Options models

The kit includes:

  • Mixer Cubi SQM 4w or Mode RDM 4w
  • Shower set Cubi SQS or Mode RDS
  • Bracket for overhead shower
  • Flexible hose
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A complete shower system Otler

With Otler you can assemble a complete shower system , taking into account your individual needs and style of the interior of your bathroom.

In addition to the walk-in counter you can order a stylish illuminated rain shower, and choose the desired mixer.

All accessories Otler easily compatible and do not require a search for additional items.

We appreciate your time

In 10 minutes you can buy all the necessary accessories for the bath or shower.

Our consultants will help you find all the necessary equipment and arrange free delivery. Payment is due upon receipt ( prepayment is required).

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Soft rainbow iridescence
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Moisture-proof touch panel will make water stream play with all colours of the rainbow.

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Rich ruby colour will appeal
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