Models of premium tropical showers

Otler Pearl
  • Pearl model will help to feel the full effect of chromotherapy;
  • The main advantage of Otler Pearl is that shades and colours flow one into another automatically after a certain period of time.
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Otler Brilliant
  • Create your own mood with colours, light and water!
  • Shower with lighting that can be controlled by a touch control panel.
  • Seven luminous colours - seven shades of mood.
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Otler Ruby
  • Sensual bright ruby glow
  • Otler Ruby will give new strength and will help to wake up in the morning.
  • The unique play of colours and purple hues creates atmosphere of luxury.
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Otler Amber
  • Soft amber lighting draws the eye, makes you smile and forget about everything in the world
  • Yellow hues will bring you a feeling of light and warmth
  • Take a shower under the real sun and energize!
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Otler Sapphire
  • The original play of blue colours will give you an unforgettable experience and the harmony of body and soul!
  • The colour of the mysterious depths of the ocean will give you inspiration;
  • Otler Sapphire will be a great decoration to any interior!
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Otler Emerald
  • Shower systems Otler Emerald Series are designed specifically for those who appreciate comfort, beauty and elegance
  • Colours of fresh spring greens soothe and give you sense of satisfaction and harmony
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Otler Shower panel
  • Shower panel for bathroom and shower
  • Combines the functionality of a tropical shower and hand shower
  • Compatible with all models of overhead showers Otler
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