Otler®: premium tropical showers

Designed in UK

Otler is a British luxury shower systems. The top Otler showers combine superb modern design, English style and splendour and lighting that create a unique atmosphere!

Technology and design

Otler Shower systems are designed especially for real connoisseurs of comfort, beauty, elegance and for those who look after health.

Otler will allow you to enjoy excellent quality and ergonomics of the English shower systems, and the original play of light and colour will give you an unforgettable sensation and great mood!


Researches of light

Otler also cares about your health. Otler is the best way to combine pleasure and healthcare! This is due to the healing power of light and colour.

   Under the leadership of Dr. Victoria Revell (University of Surrey), PhD the variety of researches were carried out studying the effect of light and colour on human body, health and mood. Finally, a favorable therapeutic effect of light on mood and feelings of a person was proved. Each hue has its own special and unique effect on the human nervous system.

RoHS certificate

   Shower systems Otler will energize you and will make exhilarating, positive effect for the whole day and will help you to relax before bedtime and reduce the stress accumulated during the day.

Otler production is organized according to the modern world standards and is in the best traditions of British quality management. Each stage of the creation of shower systems Otler is automated. We use machines of the well-known European brands that allow to avoid flaws in the perfect forms of Otler shower systems. Each detail goes through the multi-stage quality control during the production process. 

Day by day we are committed to Otler shower systems effectiveness, multifunctionality and safety. To create Otler shower systems our Company uses only innovative materials and modern technologies to meet the highest standards of durability and environmental friendliness. All metal parts and components are made of stainless steel and water-resistant fittings.

The Otler Company is world-famous for its new developments that are actively implemented in the shower systems making them high-tech and modern.