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   Otler® is a world-known British luxury shower systems.

The top Otler showers combine superb modern design, English style and splendour and lighting that create a unique atmosphere!

Otler Custom - shower you've dreamed about

Otler Custom - it is an unprecedented opportunity to get a shower, fully focusing on your desires: you choose the shape, the size and the color of the panel and the backlight.
Price on request.


Installation of a tropical shower Otler

Otler has developed a convenient installation system for all shower panels. If you are planning to build an overhead shower, you will get a special frame, which can be fixed under the ceiling and simply insert a shower in it with a flexible connection.
This installation frame greatly simplifies the installation of a tropical shower

Otler Shower systems are designed especially for real connoisseurs of comfort, beauty, elegance and for those who look after health.

Otler will allow you to enjoy excellent quality and ergonomics of the English shower systems, and the original play of light and colour will give you an unforgettable sensation and great mood!

A unique combination of colours in the shower systems Otler will give you positive emotions in the morning and will help you to relax before bedtime and to reduce the stress accumulated during the day.

Shower systems Otler is the best way to stay healthy, get positive emotions and to accumulate good mood at any time without leaving the house!
Shower systems with lightning

Tropical showers Otler are upper showers installed directly on the ceiling.

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Tropical showers

We reach the original sound of falling water, almost indistinguishable from the sound of the rain.

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